Useful Links

Below is a list of categories for the useful links that have been collected from across the internet.

To begin please select one of these categories.


Category Description
1) Antivirus A list of tools to check files or your computer for malicious files
2) Automation A list of tools to automate everyday tasks.
3) Email A list of tools specifically to enhance your email experience.
4) Files A list of tools for file transfer.
5) Fonts A list of tools to find out what font is being used and much more.
6) Image A list of tools to interact with images.  Editing, inspecting, and more.
7) Learning Want to learn how to code? Maybe get a bit better with excel? This is the place to go!
8) Music Tools to interact with music.
9) Office A list of tools for the office.  Collaboration and editing tools.
10) PDF A list of pdf editing utilities.
11) Time World clock, timers, and more
12) Travel Tools for travel.  Maps etc.
13) Utilities Useful websites that are specifically for utility purposes.
14) Video A list of tools for watching or editing video.
15) Web Development Web development tools.
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