Action! Hot CEO Blog Goes Vlog With Dowling Debut

Action! Hot CEO Blog Goes Vlog With Dowling Debut

Mirroring the evolution of his digital marketing agency, Greg Demetriou is adding some live action to his thriving industry blog.

Spun out of his Edgewood-based Lorraine Gregory Communications, Demetriou’s Greg’s Corner Office is a chief-executive consultancy leveraging Demetriou’s quarter-century of elbow-rubbing in major-league C-suites – a “great opportunity to take everything I’ve learned about being a CEO and running a successful company,” the innovator said, “and put it in front of a broader audience.”

Among other features, Greg’s Corner Office posts an “Ask a CEO” segment – Q&As with some of Long Island’s best-known chief executives, including Terri Alessi-Miceli of the Hauppauge Industrial Association, Jaci Clement of the Fair Media CouncilAlure Home Improvement’s Sal Ferro and Innovate Long Island founder John Kominicki, among many others.

Until now, the interviews have been posted in written form – but with the debut this week of an exclusive sit-down with Northwell Health CEO Michael Dowling, “Ask a CEO” adds a new medium to its mix: video.

“We were very fortunate in accessing Michael Dowling, and we thought he was so prominent on Long Island, we just couldn’t capture him in writing,” Demetriou told Innovate LI. “We needed to do something a little different.”

Chopped into a six-part saga, “Mondays With Michael Dowling” will roll out weekly video bites filled with Dowling’s singular wisdom, beginning with “Michael Dowling on Culture,” which debuted this week. Future segments – each running about two to three minutes – will focus on such topics as leadership and decision-making, according to Demetriou, and “each one is better than the last.”

Lorraine Gregory Communications staffers largely handled the production, including theme music and dramatic, slow-motion corridor walking, with Bill Corbett Jr. of Floral Park’s Corbett Public Relationsproducing.

The team outsourced a videographer and edited the piece in-house – an early model of what’s to come for the 25-year-old digital marketing agency, according to Demetriou, who served as executive producer of “Mondays With Michael Dowling.”

“That’s the way our company is going,” the Lorraine Gregory founder and CEO noted. “We’re actually building a small video studio in-house.”

And things may get “more elaborate” from there, he added, with plenty of room inside the agency’s 25,000-square-foot warehouse – home to Lorraine Gregory Communications’ printing and mail-fulfillment operations – for a deeper video dive.

“There’s more than enough space for a larger studio,” Demetriou said. “And this is something we’ve always wanted to do.”

Video production, however, ain’t cheap, so the agency will be “selective” about its video projects for now, according to Demetriou – including which future “Ask a CEO” guests will get the motion-picture treatment.

“We’re going to load up the video library more heavily in the future, but it is rather costly,” Demetriou said. “So, we’re going to have to be selective about when we use video, at least for now.”

One plan, he noted, is to monetize the “Ask a CEO” feature, which currently requires “no cost and no obligation” from its special guests.

“At some point, we’re going to try to monetize that,” Demetriou said. “We’ve really been focused on building traction, and we’re getting some wonderful feedback from the CEOs, who repost [the interviews] to their social media.”

With “Mondays With Michael Dowling” slated to premier fresh weekly installments through the end of March, the innovator is already planning a slate of future CEO interviews featuring top executives at “companies you would know, mainstream-type companies on Long Island.”

“All CEOs have a good story to tell,” Demetriou noted. “But we’re aiming for the top tier, especially if we’re going to do video.”

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