Barcoding Tutorial

Barcoding Tutorial

This instructional will lay out the procedure for generating and creating UPC-A barcodes for Austin Williams

In this guide, I will go over the steps necessary to; generate a check digit, generate your barcodes in EPS format, and then converting those files to JPG for output.

1) Generating Your Check Digit

  • First, you will need to generate your check digit for each of your barcodes.  (Initially, you should have a list of 11 digit numbers).


  • Copy your list of numbers and paste them into the window on THIS PAGE into the “Input (Numbers only)” area and click submit.  (See screenshot below)

  • Copy all values from the “Result” area which should now contain a list of 12 digit values.
  • Now navigate to the BULK GENERATOR


2) Generating Your Barcodes As EPS Files

  • Paste the values you copied from the check digit page into the available text box towards the top of the page.
  • Click the “Download” button below and you will begin the download of a compressed file with all your barcodes in EPS format.


3) Converting EPS Files To JPG

Converting your new EPS files into JPG isn’t that hard but it will require a computer or virtual machine that runs Linux and has ImageMagick installed.

  • In a new terminal window, CD to the folder where your EPS files are located.
  • In the terminal window type the following commands
    • mkdir jpg_folder                        (This will create a directory called “jpg_folder”)
    • mogrify -format jpg *.eps           (This will convert all EPS files to JPG)
    • mv *.jpg /jpg_folder                  (This will move all new JPG files into the new directory)


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